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webLab is an innovative project which aims to develop competences in a web-based laboratory. The project, which was launched on 1 October 2013, is funded by the European Commission's Leonardo da Vinci-programme. It will be finished on 30 September 2015.

The project background takes the importance of professional experiences abroad and the development of intercultural competences into account. webLab enables young people in their vocational education to go on an internship abroad. This internship, however, is meant to become an integral part of each student's individual development of professional skills and competences. Also, curricular as well as individual learning objectives are meant to be included in the stay abroad. This requires a thorough preparation and post-processing of the internship. A particular challenge tends to be the distance between the student abroad and their home, and the immersion into a foreign culture. Therefore, the webLab-project encompasses individual mentoring by using a weblog. Students use this web-based tool firstly to document their internship, but also to receive helpful advice and individual tasks from their teachers. After the end of their stay abroad, students receive a certificate.

In order to realize the webLab-project, teachers are trained to achieve the necessary professional and media competences that are required to monitor internships abroad like these. Their experiences will be used by the project leaders to develop the training concept and the underlying theories further.

Representatives from schools and other institutions in Finnland, Germany, Austria, Spain and Turkey with support from the University of Paderborn/Germany, take part in this project.