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The online provision of consists of an editorial part, numerous online services and Open Government data. The content is contributed by the responsible departments of the Office of the Styrian Government and other cooperation partners. The Government of the State of Styria assumes no liability for the accuracy of the content and form of third-party contributions. This general concept of decentralised creation and maintenance of content by various authors from the departments in charge makes it possible to ensure the highest possible relevance of information. After each item there is a feedback icon for visitors to the website to contact the author.

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The Styria Server takes you to the Styria Server. This portal server is the information hub and information system of the State of Styria.

The scope and diversity of information make it clear that the term "Styria Server" does not refer to a single physical server but to a whole series of servers in a wide variety of departments and institutions.

It is clear from the scope and wealth of information that this material is developed gradually and entered into the system in a step-by-step process.

All information providers who present information that is important for the State of Styria are cordially invited to notify the Styria Server team of their links. At the same time we also ask all server operators to create links to the Styria Server.

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Data protection

The web presence of the Styrian Government can generally be used without providing any personal data. However, in some cases there may be some deviations from this rule for technical reasons; these deviations are listed below.

When you access our website, Land Steiermark collects and stores data on page access, such as:

  • visit to the website,
  • date and time of access to the website,
  • type of browser and operating system used,
  • anonymised IP address (i.e. the IP address is truncated so that only a geographical allocation is possible).

In this context, the state administration reserves the right to review logs if it suspects illegal use.


Under certain conditions you will voluntarily provide us with data that we process (e.g. newsletter mailing). In these cases you give us your consent to process your data for precisely defined purposes. You can withdraw your consent (given once) any time without giving reasons

Legitimate interest

There are some cases in which the Government of the State of Styria may process personal data because of a legitimate interest.

This is the case, for example, when you contact offices of the Styrian Government and these offices process your data - e.g. in responding to an inquiry or providing a service requested by you.


The Styria portal uses the Matomo web analysis service for its internet presence. Matomo uses "cookies". Information created by this means (including, for example, time, place and frequency of website visits incl. anonymised IP address) are transferred to the Matomo server and saved there. This data is analysed to understand user behaviour and compile statistics. High security standards are observed in all these measures, and the data is not used in a person-related manner. The statistical analysis of anonymised data records is reserved.

Web forms

We use the SSL security protocol (SSL = Secure Sockets Layer) when we collect or transmit confidential data. SSL encryption ensures that no one but us can read the data. This security feature is active when either the symbol of an intact key or a closed padlock (depending on the browser) is displayed at the bottom of your browser window.


The website of the Styrian Government uses cookies. Cookies are small text files which are stored by the browser at the memory location of the website user. They make it possible to recognise the user when s/he returns to the website. Often these are "session cookies" that are deleted again after visiting the website.

Cookies help to increase the user-friendliness and security when visiting the internet presence of the State of Styria. Website users can disable the use of cookies by adjusting their browser settings, but this may result in restricted usability of the website.


Consideration of the rights of women and men is important to us and should be reflected in the style of this website. The editorial team therefore endeavours to treat personal terms equally in the use that is made of language.
However, if some documents use only the female or male form, this serves to make the text easier to understand and is in no way intended to discriminate against men in relation to women or women in relation to men but to apply equally to both genders.

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