Protocol, Awards and Honours

Head of Unit
Mag. Michael Tiefengruber

Contact details
Hofgasse 15, 8010 Graz,01.Bez.:Innere Stadt
Phone:  +43 (316) 877-4975
Fax: +43 (316) 877-2294


The unit is in charge of protocol matters of the State of Styria, such as state visits, official receptions, high-level visits, seating arrangements, orders of precedence.

It is also in charge of awards and distinctions, such as state distinctions, federal distinctions, professional titles, and the right to use the Styrian coat of arms.


Liability disclaimer

On this website, the Protocol, Awards and Honours Unit provides information about honours, distinctions, protocol activities and other matters.

The utmost care is taken to provide this information quickly, truthfully and without errors.

But please note:
We do not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and relevance of content provided. This also applies to data from external websites to which reference may be made on this website.

We owe special thanks to

Wilhelm MAHLER, Körösistraße 141, 8010 Graz, for his support.


Hofrat Dr. Helmut-Theobald MÜLLER, Commissioner of the District of Deutschlandsberg, for his extensive background knowledge of medals, orders, decorations and Styrian distinctions.


Christian WALDHERR (company Schwertner, Georgigasse 40, 8026 Graz, phone 0316/582614; manufacturers and suppliers of Styrian decorations and badges of honour) for his support in procuring the decorations, miniatures and rosettes.


Regierungsrat Robert SCHMIDT for creating significant parts of the homepage.